Global education case studies

  • Planning-ahead

    Planning ahead

    XSEED is encouraging India’s teachers to take a more creative approach, as well as promoting the global trend to skills-based education.

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  • shared learning

    Shared Learning

    Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s vision of a ‘rainbow nation’, Edupeg has spent the past 20 years seeking to transform the experience of education for black South Africans.

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  • Blocking the exit

    Blocking the exit

    How the Harlem Children’s Zone in New York is working with children from birth to college to keep them in education.

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  • A floating education

    A floating education

    A charity in Bangladesh is responding to children prevented from getting to school by flooding – by bringing the school to them.

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  • State by state

    State by state

    In the US, the federal government is pitting states against each other to compete for education funding.

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  • Bridging the gap

    Bridging the gap

    Offering Mumbai’s children a way out of the slums

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  • An international conversation

    An international conversation

    Giving teenagers a global point of view

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  • The opportunities and challenges of autonomy

    Colorado’s Innovation Schools experiment with greater independence.

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