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  • Illiterate voters: Making their mark

    UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Can anyone stop Narendra Modi? Fly Title:  Illiterate voters Rubric:  Teaching those who cannot read how to vote makes for cleaner, fairer elections Location:  MUMBAI Main image:  20140405_IRD001_0.jpg SUVARNA PADEKAR cannot read. “It hurts,” she says, but she manages to get by as a cook in Mumbai. Each morning...

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  • Charter schools: Killing the golden goose

    UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The parable of Argentina Fly Title:  Charter schools Rubric:  Charter schools are working, but New York’s mayor wants to stop them Location:  CHICAGO AND NEW YORK Main image:  Down with good schools, says New York’s mayor Down with good schools, says New York’s mayor OF THE 658 schools in Chicago, only...

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  • Education reform: Gove battles the blob

    UK Only Article:  UK article only Issue:  The worldwide wobble Fly Title:  Education reform Rubric:  The advantages and drawbacks of Michael Gove’s zeal SCHOOL reform is rarely a peaceful process, but the political tempest that broke out in England this week was exceptional. On February 1st it emerged that Lady Morgan, a Labour peer and former adviser to Tony Blair,...

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  • Britain's education system: An unqualified problem

    LABOUR'S shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt discusses his ideas on how to stiffen standards in Britain's schools

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  • Chinese schools: Evaluating Shanghai's high test scores

    Was our score really that high? ONE OF America’s sharpest writers on education, Jay Mathews of the Washington Post, also was once a foreign correspondent in China, where he learned not to trust official Chinese statistics. His latest column asks how much we should believe Shanghai’s impressive top ranking (yet again) in the latest round of Programme for International Student...

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  • Education in Vietnam: Very good on paper

    ON SATURDAY morning, December 14th, America's secretary of state, John Kerry, will travel to Vietnam. One of his talking points, according to the State Department, will be the "empowering role of education”. But it seems like Vietnam has already taken the message.On December 3rd, the OECD released the results from its Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), an exam...

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  • Bagehot: Duelling with Michael Gove

    UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Subterranean capitalist blues Fly Title:  Bagehot Rubric:  Tristram Hunt, Labour’s new education spokesman, makes a good start on a crucial task Main image:  20131026_BRD000_0.jpg LIKE most intriguing British politicians of recent times, Tristram Hunt, Labour’s 39-year-old education spokesman, is hard to pigeonhole....

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  • Free exchange: Knowledge for earnings’ sake

    UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The gated globe Fly Title:  Free exchange Rubric:  Good teachers have a surprisingly big impact on their pupils’ future income Main image:  20131012_FND000_0.jpg THERE are few policy questions to which improving the quality of education is not a reasonable answer. Yet assessing teachers is far from straightforward....

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