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Pearson commissioned this work from The Economist Intelligence Unit because we want to play our part in making education as effective as possible. The Learning Curve should elicit as many questions as it suggests answers, so this site is designed with ongoing conversation and interaction in mind.  We’d like to keep this a positive learning environment for students of all ages, so here are four ground rules we hope you’ll agree with.

Be decent

Show respect to others and never insult or attack when posting. If you use profanity or obscene, threatening, harassing, defamatory or discriminatory language, we will delete your post.

Respect copyright

If you quote someone else, be sure to link directly to the original source materials and attribute the original author/source in your post. Laws such as libel and privacy apply to social media; please remember that you are personally liable for what you post.

Be accurate

When we make a mistake (and let’s face it, we’re bound to every now and then), we will own up and correct it as soon as we can. Please don’t deliberately post anything that is fraudulent, deceptive or misleading – Pearson is not responsible for the accuracy of what you write, but we do encourage you to check your facts before posting.

Be informative

We’d encourage you to share positive ideas, good examples and helpful information on education research, policy and further reading. We don’t think you learn much from spam – please avoid posting any.

Anyone repeatedly breaking our house rules will be removed and/or banned from taking further part in our online community.

Our legal statement is beneath this note and more information on our general code of conduct is on our website, along with our social media guidelines.

You’re always welcome to drop us a line at and you may wish to follow Michael Barber (@michaelbarber9) for news on his travels through the world of education.

We’ll look forward to learning more with you,

The communications team

Pearson HQ, London


Legal statement

The Learning Curve microsite is published ‘as is’ without any warranty of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of our site, the accuracy of the information referred to on the website and we shall not be liable for any losses or damage that may result from use of the website as a consequence of any inaccuracies in, or any omissions from, the information which it may contain.

The information contained in the website is not an invitation to invest in the shares or any other products or services or otherwise deal in these or enter into a contract with Pearson plc or any other company. The information provided should not be relied upon in connection with any investment decision.

Copyright in these pages is owned by Pearson plc except where otherwise indicated by a third party's proprietary notice. Images, trade marks and brands are also protected by other intellectual property laws and may not be reproduced or appropriated in any manner without written permission of their respective owners.

Content and information provided by third parties other than Pearson plc is identified clearly where it appears. We publish this content as supplied to us and are not responsible for its accuracy or timeliness.

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