Our data visualisation tools have been developed using a selection of core indicators from The Learning Curve’s Data Bank. They are designed to make exploring the data an interesting, interactive and visual experience.

We hope these tools provide you what you need but we'd welcome any suggestions to enhance them.

  • Heat map

    The heat map presents data, in bandings, for each country and available indicators over time. Select indicators from the main categories and see the shift over time using the timeline control.

  • Time series trend analysis tool

    The time series trend analysis tool allows you to select indicators from each of the data categories. Selected indicators for each available country are plotted on a bubble chart which can be controlled to show the shift in indicator values over time.

  • Time series country comparison tool

    The time series comparison tool allows you to view the relative data points for selected indicators and countries over time. You can turn the toggle data values on and off, select countries you are interested in comparing and see the relative shift by using the time line.


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